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Birdy Box Smart Bird House

Birdy Box Smart Bird House

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A smart birdhouse with an HD close-up camera and AI recognition: capture and cherish the beauty of the birds life on your phone anytime, anywhere.


  • Powerful artificial intelligence recognizes the key stages of nesting and hatching, and sends you real-time notifications, so you will never miss any crucial moments
  • Equipped with an HD camera inside, letting you watch the birds hatching up close without bothering them, with a 60° adjustable angle, allowing you to set the perfect viewing angle
  • The bird house has three customized holes that suit most bird species with a metal-guarded entrance to deter predators.
  • Crafted from an eco-friendly renewable bamboo, a superior wood with a lifespan 3 times longer than regular wood.
  • Powered by a solar panel and, it operates sustainably with green energy with a back up power bank that keeps the camera powered on regardless of the weather

What's Included?

  • Birdy Box Smart Bird Nest
  • Birdy Box Mount
  • Bidy Box Solar Panel
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An Immersive Bird Watching Experience

Forget everything you thought you knew about bird watching. The Birddy Smart Bird House aims to completely redefine the experience by combining cutting-edge technology and the wonders of nature.

Designed for Mother Nature

Birdy Box is crafted from eco-friendly solid pine wood and offers a safe haven for various bird species. The ventilation vents and built-in interior grooves ensureXs optimal living conditions and can aid young birds in learning to fly. 

Built with Smarts

With five different entry sizes, Birdy Box keeps natural predators and larger birds at bay. Additionally, the birdhouse features a comprehensive drainage system to keep the interior dry after rainy days.

Intelligent Identification of 1000's of Species

Bird Box's AI technology identifies over 1000's of bird species, turning their activities into an educational show. Enjoy every surprise visit and melody, as Bird Box captures each memorable moment. 

24/7 Livestream to Watch the Magic Happen

Discover nature through Bird Box's 24-hour live stream. Now, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the avian world, bringing you closer to your feathered friends like never before. 

Amazing Video & Image Quality

Equipped with 1080 pixels, the camera captures high quality image and video. The camera also has full color night vision to view your birds in the night time.

Three Mounting Methods

Begin your bird-watching experience by simply mounting it on a wall, inserting it into the ground, or securing it to a tree. 

328 Foot Connectivity

With an optimized antenna design, the Birdy Box Smart Birdhouse provides areliable Wi-Fi connection up to 100m (328 feet) away from your home network.

Large Solar Battery Capacity

Combining a powerful 7800 mAh battery with a convenient solar panel, Birdy Box provides an eco-friendly and self-contained power source for unlimited and uninterrupted birdwatching anywhere outdoors, regardless of weather.

Easy & Convenient to Maintain

The Birdy Box Smart Bird House design makes it easy to keep the space clean and hygienic for the birds. When the tray becomes dirty, you can easily slide it out, discard the waste, wipe or wash it clean, and slide it back into place.

Bird Nesting Guide

Our guide, based on your location, will offer recommendations tailored to the preferences of different bird species.

Birdy Box Specs

What's in the box?

A learning opportunity for loved ones

Children can explore and learn about birds through the Birdy Box Smart Bird House. Observe birds from their entry, to nest building, the incubation period, how little birds learn to fly, and more. All of this is to inspire them to love nature.